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Fire Control, Inc. has been installing and servicing fire sprinklers systems in the Chicago area since 1971. We are a full service fire sprinkler contractor offering in-house engineering, design, fabrication and installation. In addition you can count on us for 24 hour emergency service and complete test and inspection services. We also specialize in preaction and dry alternatives for eliminating in-rack sprinklers. These systems are especially advantageous for refrigerated and cold storage situations.

No matter how big or small your fire sprinkler system need is, we’ll be happy to help. Fire Control, Inc. is a fully licensed and insured contractor. We install and modify several hundred fire sprinkler systems a year ranging in cost from a few hundred up to 1 million dollars. Fire Control, Inc. provides a great range of experience in servicing a variety of industries. Our projects have included residential systems, freezers, warehouses, ESFR systems, retail plaza’s, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, churches and commercial buildings.

If you’re implementing a new install or you’re ready for an updated system, request a quote today so we can offer you a fitting solution to your automatic fire sprinkler needs.